Engagement ring and photo

In my last post I said I wanted to pick up my watercolors again.  Priding myself as being one to waste not, thought I would get back into watercolors by finishing another daffodil painting I had started a few years back, based on a photo I had taken of a bouquet I had done for church.  (remember those days with a “real” camera and “real” prints you had developed?)

Okay, so I  found the start of the painting on 300 lb watercolor paper ( heavy, and expensive) Found my journal where I sometimes make notes of how I painted pictures, especially wanted to check and make sure I had the right colors. I scrubbed clean my palette for fresh paint, made sure my paints were on hand, laid out my expensive watercolor brushes. But, I could not find my reference photo or sketch amongst my many places of storing important things in my studio.

Which sidelines me to my mom’s (Nini) story about her engagement ring.  In her final years she was so very sad about her perceived theft of her engagement ring during a hospital stay.  After she did transition to her next life, a friend was helping me sort through her 93 years of stuff. While going through her sock drawer, one pair felt a bit hard. Sure enough, tucked safely into a pair of rolled up blue socks was her engagement ring and wedding band.  My siblings thought I should have it, since I had been her caregiver in her final years.  I accepted and wore those rings with much love and affection.

And then I noticed a prong was broken on the diamond. So I took the rings off and put them someplace very safe until I could get them to be repaired. That was two years ago.  I have yet to find them.  Anywhere.

Luckily, the photo finally was located tonight in an obscure spot. Tomorrow I paint.




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