I am not Van Gogh

  1. IMG_1718O

I am grateful that I have experienced in my life time the thrill of selling a painting for real money, and not always to my relatives who I think may feel sorry for my addiction to painting.  I am sorry that Vincent did not get to feel that affirmation of  “keep on painting” in his life here.

Tonight was the opening reception of my solo show at a Greek restaurant in nearby Laurel, Md. ( that is where George Wallace was shot btw in the late 60’s I believe) I have had quite a few solo shows in local venues, but never where the opening reception to “meet the artist” is from 5:30 – 8.

I bribed my husband and close by family to change their schedules so that they could be there for the designated time. I needed moral support!  And bless them, they did. I am so grateful.

But thanks to good advertising to the organization that got me to display there – dclaARTS – the turnout was beyond good – the place was packed! (think I am still in shock) and even sold 3 – maybe more paintings.The feedback I got from the displayed work keeps my fires going to continue my passion.

I do not paint to make money. It is the rare year when I break even. I paint because I love to, need to, have to.



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