Still No Engagement Ring, but do have/had a finished painting

  • fullsizeoutput_2c4c

Ha! Just finished writing the most amazing paragraph as to finally getting back into watercolors after finding the photo of this flower arrangement I had done years ago, and forgot to hit save as I tried to figure out how to place the text beside the photo, and then lost it all…. Luckily, that did not happen to the painting – tho it does already have a new good home.

My desire to paint more watercolors has been rekindled, and I have already started my second.  I love the feeling of light and translucency that you (or I should say me) can’t get with other mediums.  But, it is also unforgiving.  With acrylics and an “oops” you just paint over it with gesso and go again, or mixed media, oh just collage over it.  Not so with pure watercolor.  How long I stick with this time will tell. I am enjoying it’s challenges for now.

As to finding the lost engagement ring of my mothers (mentioned in an earlier post) it is still missing. But that is okay.  I know it will turn up one day just like my desire to paint with watercolors did.

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