Stealing Like An Artist

  • I love the book by Austin Kleon, ” Steal Like an Artist”!  It takes away all guilt I may have felt in trying to emulate a favorite artist I love – Shirley Trevena. In my quest to get back into watercolors, I took a small section of a Shirley Trevena painting and put my own spin on it.  (You are viewing the results) . Since I have been painting daffodils the last 3 weeks, I thought “why not try her style?” Had I not done this I never would have discovered what paints to use to make that luscious blue purple sky – a coat of cobalt blue followed by winsor purple with some watercolor pencils while wet.  And am so excited about the depth of red with orange mingled into it.  Now this is the way I want to paint, for now….
  • fullsizeoutput_2c4f.jpeg .  And here is one final quote from Austin’s book “Steal like an Artist”, page 41:  ” In the end, merely imitating your heroes is not flattering them.  Transforming their work into something of your own is how you flatter them.  Adding something to the world that only you can add.”

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