It was aboutIMG_1863 15 years ago I screwed up my courage and went to paint with a bunch of other established artists that meet weekly in Galesville, Md  to paint every Wednesday. I had been invited to join the group by two members while we were taking a workshop together taught by Skip Lawrence in Laurel Md. Skip is an incredible artist and teacher. (and I also love the fact that my mom took classes from him at a local college back when i was just a kid in college myself!)

I think it has been an invaluable journey for me to be lucky enough to have joined this group.  The West River Artist Association opened my eyes, introduced me to new and wonderful talented artists in the Maryland area and keeps me stretching my artistic endeavors. They do not mince words during critique, but are also very encouraging to everyone no matter what their skill level.

I treasure the friends that I have made there, and miss the ones that have moved – either out of the area or to where colors and compositions are beyond our wildest dreams here on earth.  Thank you to Marita and Juan who reached out to me in the fragile state I was in back then to invite me to join, I will always be grateful.

The photo is of those of us that retreated to the mountains in VA to paint for 4 solid wonderful days in late May of this year.


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