Getting Cranky and Postpartum Blues

A whole lot of effort and time goes into pulling off a solo art show.  This past Monday I dropped off 32 paintings matted and framed to be put on display in the gallery at Woods’ Memorial Church in Severna Park Md. It represents roughly my last 3 years of work (less the pieces that have already sold) Besides the work involved with creating each piece, there is also the framing process – I do it myself, and then selecting the works to be displayed – you do want a theme, submitting your list, bio sheet oh and then there is packaging them for delivery, plus delivery. IMG_2128.JPG

Do not mistake me, I am thrilled to be having a solo show – “Daffodils and More” but exhausted from the work and emotional energy that gets used up in prepping for a solo show.  All of this “have to do stuff” eats into all of your possible creative time process, and the longer you are out of the rhythm of painting on a regular basis, the more self doubt creeps in and devours you.  It reminds me a lot of the postpartum blues I suffered after the birth of each of our 5 children.

And then there are the other demands that are requiring my attention: family – have I mentioned that the last of our children, our only girl, is getting married this coming October?  She and future husband did not take my/our sincere offer of take the money and elope. I adore them to the moon and back, so of course said yes to doing their  flowers ( I do do wedding flowers- reluctantly because of the stress level and I swear she will be my last).  Not to mention all of the things that need to be addressed in pulling off this “simple, small, rustic wedding in the mountains” HA!!!!  – 6 bridesmaids – I don’t think so!  So now to find a whole sale florist close to the venue to order the flowers that I am not able to grow.

Besides the let down of after prepping for a show I am now getting really cranky because there are just too many other things preventing me from getting into the painting zone.  I still find it so hard to accept the flow of life, especially when it doesn’t go the way I think/want it to go.

I have a lot to work on.

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