This Is Not About Art

My husband and I recently finished watching a Netflix docu drama – “The Keepers”.  A powerful documentary about the unsolved murder of a young nun back in 1969 in Baltimore.  It quickly turns into a drama as to a Catholic priest abusing his students in a Catholic school.  It is a riveting  docu – drama, and takes place in my home turf and my time and stirs up memories from my past that I really did not want stirred up.

Repressed memories? Yes, they are real.

At the same time Father Maskell was sexually abusing his students, I fell victim to being inappropriately touched by a highly respected minister in my church when I was 17.  I blocked this memory for over 40 years, even agreeing to allow the perpetrator to officiate the marriage of my husband and I.  It was not until my husband and I watched this series that I was able to fully reveal the details as to how I was abused.

Let sleeping dogs lie?  NO! There has got to be a loud and clear message to those that may think about abuse or abuse – you are/ will be held responsible for your actions! You may not hide behind any cloaks, badges or titles.

I am tired of having been silent for so long and only pray that writing about this now may prevent abuse in the future.

4 thoughts on “This Is Not About Art

  1. I have heard that 1 in every 3 women has been inappropriately accosted. I was, at the same age by two different older male relatives. It certainly changed how I felt about “drawing boundaries” with the men I dated. How can you draw a line when it has already been crossed?
    I’m sorry you had that experience and sorrier that it was connected to the church.

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    1. Thank you Caroline, it is tragic how many lives are impacted by inappropriate touch and sexual abuse both male and female. I realize that I have probably upset many readers with this post, and I hope that someday they may come to realize why I had to speak up. Alison Moore in her FB comment to me expressed it perfectly, ” Thank you for speaking up. The more of us speak up the safer it becomes for others to do the same. I’m so sorry this happened to you. It will keep happening until the deep shameful legacy is exposed and examined with rigorous honesty, and best practices for prevention are put in place…”
      I am moved and very grateful for all of the encouraging words and love directed my way, and may that be shared with any and all of you who have been through similar experiences.


  2. There was a line in the color purple, something along the line of! A girl child chuss ain’t safe in a world with mans in it. I am exhausted by sexual abuse, I don’t think any of us get out of this world unscathed by its evil. I don’t know how to change that but calling men out is a start. Shame on him. Shame on the men and system protecting him. A club no one wants to join and yet it is over flowing.


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